Top 10 Most Popular DJ’s in the World 2018

The art off disk jockeying has grown in leaps and bounds over the past few years. The highest paid DJ averages a minimum of 250,000$ for playing just one night. From the rise of the disco in the 70’s there has been a complete revolution on the dance floor and we have seen the love for Electronic Dance Music come alive again. There are a number of noteworthy top earning DJ’s around the world based on their earnings and popularity but we combine the two aspects to bring you some of the top names in the industry world overall.

List of Top 10 Most Popular DJ’s in the World 2018

10. David Guetta

David Guetta has been in the game for a very long time, since the 90’s he has been entertaining masses in the party scene but it is his track “When love takes over” featuring Kelly Rowland that got Him on top of the list. The collaboration earned him top place at the Billboard for best dance collaboration in 2013. The French DJ has had hits such as “Where them girls at”, “Titanium”, “Without you” and “Turn me on” propel him to the remarkable and coveted place of number one most popular and influential DJ in the world. His net worth is 75,000,000$. Calvin Harris may be the highest earning DJ but David Guetta edges him over because of his massive following. He has 55.5m Facebook followers.

9. Calvin Harris

Super star Dj Calvin Harris is of Scottish accent. He took the UK party scene by storm after topping music charts such as The UK top 10 singles and The UK chart. Calvin Harris’s greatest strength has been consistency and good quality. He has been churning out tune after tune and ruling the entertainment scene ever since 2007. His collaboration with Rihanna on songs like “We found love” and “Where have you been” have been the icing on the cake for his career. The singer and songwriter has a Grammy award among other prestigious awards. As if that is not enough, he has been named highest paid by Forbes magazine three times in a row.

8. Skrillex

This spin genius can also be referred to as the king of Grammy awards because he holds the record for winning the most Grammy awards as an Electronic Dance musician. He has a total of nine Grammy awards. His is a story of humble beginnings, drive and determination. He distributed his EP free of charge under his stage name Skrillex. He has worked with many mega stars among then Rick Ross for the song “Purple Lamborghini ,” The game for the song “El Chapo,” just to name a few.

7. Tiesto

The Dutch DJ is also a music producer and founder of Black hole Recordings. H is also linked to the club in Las Vegas known as Hakassan. The mix genius was catapulted to the top by his popular remix of the song “Silence” by Delirium which immediately became a club banger. He owns a Grammy award for best remixed song for the song “All of me “by the celebrated musician John Legend. His net worth is said to be 75,000,000$.

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6. Avicii

This talented Dj also doubles up as a musician and a producer. Among his achievements is his Grammy nomination in 2013 for his contribution to “Sunshine” alongside David Guetta. He is the creative mind behind the songs “Hey brother,” “Wake me up,” just to mention a few. Avicii is said to be worth about 85,000,000$.

5. Steve Aoki

This mega DJ’s uniqueness sets him apart from his peers on all levels. Apart from entertaining party crowds, He is an entrepreneur and a learned chap that has two college degrees, one in sociology and another in feminist studies. He is the founder of Dim Mak records which has done extremely well over the years. He has collaborated with Snoop Dog, Drake, Jackson five and even Kanye West to produce addictive remixes to their songs. He is said to be worth a whooping 75,000,000$.

4. Diplo

He is one amongst the Top 10 Most Popular hottest Dj’s in The World 2017. Best known for his song “Lean on,” Diplo has risen through the charts capturing audiences all over the world with his eclectic style of music. Diplo has worked with many renown artists including Beyonce, Justin Beiber, Shakira, Usher and even the legendary Madonna just to name but a few. Diplo has also co-produced two of the songs on Beyonce’s latest album, “Lemonade.”

3. Kaskade

Kascade is also a world renown producer and song writer. It was in 2008 that his rise to stardom started taking off after being in the game for a while. Mostly known for his American progressive house revival.

2. Martin Garrix

Martin Garrix now rests at the number one position as ranked by DJ Mags top one hundred DJ’s of 2018. Garrix had the musical bug from a young tender age of eight years and so he learned how to play the guitar. His first influence to become a Dj was Tiesto after he saw the super star spin during the Olympics games. He has won awards such as Best Dutch in the MTV Europe awards and Best Global DJ in the International Dance Music Awards.

1. Deadmau5

Deadmau5 is a Canadian DJ and music producer who is most popularly known for his album “Get scraped” and “Project 56.” Zimmerman has received numerous nominations for the Grammy awards and he has also worked with other notable names such as Kaskade. He wears a Mouse mask on all his performances and that is his signature look while on stage and his logo as well.

The above ten names are , consistency some of the best, most popular and hottest DJ’s in the world 2018. They have worked really hard to get there and they continue to remain at such high rankings because of their drive, determination, hard work and consistency. Most of them if not all have been ranked a couple of times by Forbes magazine for earning high returns from their craft.

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