One Secret to Maintaining Your Motivation

Here we back with One Secret to maintain your Motivation for everyday life. Every day, an estimated 6,800 new peer-reviewed academic articles are published. That’s a whole lot of science to wade through—but don’t fret. We’ll do the legwork for you, each and every morning. Here’s your daily dose of the latest discoveries from journals, research institutions, and news outlets from around the world.


The secret to maintaining your motivation may be to concentrate on what you wish to avoid doing to achieve your goal instead of what you hope to achieve from its outcome, in step with analysis in the Journal of consumer Psychology. The researchers discovered that in the start stages of pursing a goal—say, you wish to lose weight—people are promotion-motivated, that means they concentrate on the positives of reaching their desired outcome (like shopping for new garments or feeling additional energy.)

Then, as they progress nearer to reaching it, they alter to “prevention motivation,” wherever they concentrate on the desire to avoid some thing negative—say, not fitting into that new combine of pants. After they start thinking that means, they start specializing in what they have to avoid doing to reach their goal, the scientists say, which might truly facilitate them  to achieve it.


It’s the first thought many people have when they enter a new hotel: Are bedbugs spending the night here, too? Bedbugs have re-emerged as a public health issue, and many are resistant to current kinds of insecticides.

Now, researchers from Penn State have developed a new fungal bio-pesticide that bedbugs pick up, infect themselves, and spread to the rest of their colony. This fungus is harmless to humans, but kills bedbugs within four to seven days. The researchers hope to bring this new technology to market.

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The pain-relieving analgesic of the future may come from a fanged coral reef fish, researchers from the University of Queensland report. The fish injects its opponents with a heroin-like venom that inhibits pain, making them become slower and dizzier. The researchers say this discovery may pave the way for a whole new type of painkiller.


Thyroid cancer rates continue to rise, according to research from the National Cancer Institute. The rate has tripled over the past 40 years, and continues to rise more than 3 percent each year, Health Day reports.

And it can’t completely be attributed to greater detection or “over diagnosis”—it’s likely a real increase in occurrence. While women are more likely to develop thyroid cancer for men, men are susceptible too, and increasing obesity rates may be driving the spike.

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Spring allergy season is ramping up, and while you may be doing some everyday things that make your allergies worse, there are some things you can do to make yourself feel better. The experts from New York-Presbyterian Queens have you covered with some allergy-reducing tips: Check the pollen index before going outside, use a vacuum with HEPA technology to remove irritants from your home, use antihistamines two hours before outdoor activity, and change the filters in your house regularly.

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