Stream Analysis- Approach to Organizational change

Stream Analysis
The Stream Analysis approach to organizational change was developed by Professor Jerry Porras, Professor Emeritus at Stanford Graduate school of Business. It is an exciting alternative to the usual “top down” approach driven by outside experts. It is a technique for discovering core problems that stand in the way of getting optimal results for projects, initiatives, and organizational effectiveness. A facilitated method to understand organizational issues and help prioritize and develop integrated responses to those issues  (Jerry Porras, Stanford University). A systematic and systemic approach for identifying and separating core problems from symptoms. An approach to identify organizational drivers for NRC cross-cutting issues in HU and CAP.
 Stream Analysis couples a formalized approach with enabling software to rapidly uncover core issues and their interdependencies in an organization, in order to help its stakeholders to collaboratively arrive at corrective actions that directly address the impediments to positive change. With both horizontal and vertical application, across all organizational functions and at all levels of management, it is a tool for project leaders, business managers, organizational advisors, as well as governance and oversight teams.
CAI’s current suite of PC-based Stream Survey, Stream Diagnostic, and Stream Planning/Tracking products have been validated as proven solutions in a number of major enterprises and organizations, worldwide.  Current customers include major enterprises in the Nuclear Power, National Labs and other sectors, where the software applications ranging from human performance, quality assurance and employee turnover, to peer and leadership review, high-level executive changes and strategic/tactical planning.

Who should use Stream Analysis?

  • See relationships between issues formerly viewed as single, isolated problems
  • Identify the most important issues – common causes that drive multiple issues
  • Determine unseen relationships and causes
  • Promote a team approach to improving performance
  • Other; change management and root cause investigations/common cause analysis

stream analysis

Organizational Components of Stream Model


  • Individual based attribute
  • Skill and knowledge based
  • Process for selection solid
  • Individual’s attitude – not the cowboy
  • Individual ability to interact with others


  • This is the formal side of the organization – “what makes it tick”
  • Understanding what is excellence
  • It’s the message on how individuals and the organization is to behave or perform
  • It is the passion to succeed

Right Process

  • Formal rules that define “ways of doing things”
  • Designed process or programs to get things done
  • “What is acceptable” to the organization

Ownership / Involvement

  • By anyone in the organization
  • Coaching, mentoring, reinforcing at work locations
  • What is rewarded to “get it done!”
  • “Buy in” of the organization

root cause streams

Stream Diagnostic

Stream Diagnostic” is the main engine of Stream Analysis. It is a systematic and systemic approach for identifying and separating core drivers from symptoms, and guiding stakeholders to: (a) Understand the organizational interrelationships; (b) Identify core performance and behavior problems: and (c) Get alignment and buy-in in planning solutions. CAI’s current desktop/server-based Stream Diagnostic software is widely used internationally by major Nuclear Power companies in the US, Canada and Europe as well as major enterprises engaged in operating National Labs for the Department of Energy.

Stream Survey

Stream Survey” software is the front end, assessment phase, of Stream Analysis suite. It is designed to generate superior online questionnaires based on the principles of Stream Analysis from a bank of over 1000 questions. It empowers the managers to design and conduct organization wide surveys on a range of problems and issues, in a manner that they produce most informative results for the executives.  Stream Survey generates a comprehensive set of results complete with statistical analysis of the survey questionnaire to be used in assessing organizational problems. The results of such survey can be imported into the Stream Diagnostic as starting issues for core problem identification. “Stream Survey” is currently available as a service.



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