How to Install Kali Linux as your current Window 10 Subsystem

How to Install Kali Linux as your current Window 10 Subsystem

Here Awesome News for Hackers and also for windows user now you can install kali linux in window 10 subsystem.

Presently you can download Kali Linux straight forward from the Microsoft App Store in download 10 as same as other applications and its valid for all users.

I know it sounds insane but it is true. Now you can download Kali linux from Microsoft App store.

Kali Linux, a very well known for Hacking and infiltration testing purpose.You just need to follow 5 step for how to install kali linux in window 10 subsystem.

STEP 1: Install the Windows Subsystem for Linux

First of all, you have to start Powershell as the administration by pressing Window + X key and click on “Window Powershell (Admin)”. Then enable this optional feature by running the following commands.

Enable-Windows Optional Feature -Online -Feature Name Microsoft-Windows-Subsystem-Linux

Once you press Enter key, a loading bar will appear for a few seconds, then you will be prompted to restart the computer. Press Y and Enter to reboot. The system will immediately begin to restart during this process don’t turn off you PC.

how to install kali linux in window 10 subsystem

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STEP 2: Download the ‘Kali Linux’ Application

Once your system has rebooted and you’ve logged back into your account, navigate to the Microsoft App Store by searching a keyword “Kali Linux” in the Cortana search bar in the bottom-left corner of your screen. Once there, search for “Kali Linux” or simply follow the link below to open the Kali page in the Microsoft Store. From there, click “Get” to begin installing.

how to install kali linux in window 10 subsystem

STEP 3: Launch Kali for the First Time

Before you launch the “Kali Linux” app for the first time, I recommend you to clicking “Pin to Start” or, better yet, click the ellipsis (…) just to the right of it and then “Pin to Taskbar” to make it quick and simple to launch Kali in the future.

With that done, you’ll be prompted to create a Unix username and password. Congratulations, you’re all set up and running a Kali Linux in window 10 subsystem on your Windows machine! Don’t forget to update it regularly just like any Linux system:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

If hard drive space is a concern, then don’t forget to clean up the apt directory.

sudo apt-get clean

how to install kali linux in window 10 subsystem

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STEP 4: Add Windows Defender Exclusion

Unfortunately, Windows Defender doesn’t always like to play nice with the tools in the Kali repository. Sometimes, it detects them as viruses and/or malware and blocks some portion of the program. To prevent these errors in kali linux app, it’s a good idea to go ahead and add a Windows Defender exclusion for the Kali Linux folder.

First you have to find that folder by opening File Explorer and entering the following location in the address bar. Don’t forget to replace “your username” with your actual username!


Now, open the Kali Linux folder which should look something like “KaliLinux.54290C8133FEE_,” and copy the folder location.

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STEP 5: Install Penetration Testing Tools

With the Windows Defender exclusion in place, you’re ready to get started with your ethical hacking. Not much comes pre-installed in this version, so install tools you wish to use from the Kali repository as you normally would with the apt-get command. For example, to install Metasploit:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install metasploit-framework

you must need to follow above steps for how to install kali linux in window 10 subsystem

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Thanks for reading! If you have any query on setting up or using your new Kali Linux subsystem on Windows 10, or on what tools you should be installing, fell free to ask us in the comments below …

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