Google India Launches Symptoms Search feature partnership with Apollo Hospital

As more and more people seek Google’s advice first when it comes to health symptoms before visiting a doctor, Google India on Tuesday rolled out its feature called “Symptom Search” in India that lets users find quality health information on their smartphones.

In collaboration with a team of doctors from Apollo Hospitals, the tech giant will add tailor-made information about commonly-searched symptoms in its Search.

Google India has partnered with Apollo Hospitals to launch a new feature in its Search offering called Symptom Search.

The kind of results you can expect from symptom search

Common cold

For example, When a user searches for symptoms like “cough and pain,” the app will show a list of related conditions (“common cold, acute bronchitis, flu, pneumonia, chest infection”).

In case of stand-alone symptom searches like a headache, Google Search will provide users with their overview description and what additional symptoms may warrant a visit to the doctor.

The feature will provide users with better and informative search results whenever someone searches for a medical symptom. It is available in both English and Hindi.

We want users to diagnose health conditions quickly: Google

“By doing this, Google aims to help users navigate and explore health conditions related to various symptoms, and quickly get to the point where they can talk to a health professional or do more in-depth research on the web,” the company said.

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1% Google searches are related to medical symptoms

The feature comes as an extension of Google’s health condition cards that were launched in 2016 and that provide quick, categorized information on various diseases.

According to the tech giant, roughly 1% of searches on Google are related to medical symptoms.

It added that the feature is intended for informational purposes only and should not be treated at par with a doctor consultation.

Apollo Hospitals providing the expert medical information to Google

“With the launch of the Symptom Search Project, we aim to provide quality healthcare information which can be accessed by a billion Indians,” Enterprise Joint Managing Director Sangita Reddy at Apollo Hospitals said.
Notably, the search results are intended for informational purposes only and users should always consult a doctor for medical advice and treatment, Google cautioned.

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