Fit for travel : 4 bodyweight exercises you can do anywhere

Travel for a long time and you realize that your hotel gyms suck.

The simplest solution to stay fit on the road is to maintain your bodyweight- you need to take proper workout. Here are the 4 best and effective exercises for travellers that you can apply or perform almost anywhere without the use of any equipments. These simple exercises requires only a bit of floor space. But, in just 30 minutes or less time, you will put your glutes, hamstrings, and quads to work perfectly. The best part of this exercise is that it’s a straightforward workout that is easy to learn so you can apply it anywhere, anytime without any problem.

Exercise 1:- Bodyweight Squat (a.k.a. “Air Squat”) – 12 reps

Exercise 2:- Glute Lunge – 20 reps

Exercise 3:- Mountain Climber – 20 reps

Exercise 4:- V-Sit Up – 20 reps

Every full bunches of these 4 workout exercises is one “round”. Aim for 4 to 6 total rounds to start and then increase according to your personal fitness level. Do not exercise overlimit due to this it can affect on your body. For a higher intensity workouts, simply up the reps and decrease the time between each rounds so that you’re resting as little as possible. The total daily workout should be of 30 minutes or less.

Do not forget that nutrition contributes to at least 75% of your personal health. Eat healthy be healthy. Try to decrease the consumption of junk food.While traveling, it’s easy to go off the rails and eat like you’re on vacation. But, you can’t outrun or out-train a lousy diet!

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